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Alcohol and macular degeneration

beerAn article was recently published in the American Journal of Epidemiology that looks at the relationship of alcohol consumption and the development of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). The authors studied this relationship in Australians — with a 83% reported rate of alcohol consumption, they couldn’t have found a better population to study.

The Study

The authors examined 20,963 subjects aged 40 to 69 over a 3 year time period. (That a lot of people!)

The Results

They found that drinking more than 20 g of alcohol per day (more than 2 drinks) was associated a ~20% increase in the odds of developing early AMD when compared with non-drinkers. It did not matter if the alcohol came in the form of wine, beer or spirits, the result was the same. There was also no difference found between men and women — both were at risk with high alcohol consumption.

More results

We’ve all heard that drinking a glass of wine per day may be good for our hearts.  Well unfortunately, this study found no protective effect for the eye with mild wine consumption. Also, there was no evidence that those who concentrated their consumption into fewer days had higher odds of early AMD than those who drank every day.

Reading this, do you think you or someone you know needs to cut back on drinking?


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One comment on “Alcohol and macular degeneration

  1. Beatriz
    October 7, 2013

    However, if thee binge drinking behavior is consistent and frequent (meaning,
    more than once per week) then that person may have an alcoholism problem.
    Out of which 69. Christian values ultimately includde a number of attributes.
    Thhe potential loss of life duee to alcohol wass 32,425 iin 2001.
    Some of the people accept that this iis because conscious concerns and
    social pressures create a new choice in behavior. Christians apply this value annd work to help people turn their lives around
    when thinjgs are not going well. In a hurting family, that iss the last thing that is needed, hurt
    compounded upon hurt. It is absolutely critical to understand
    that individuals with drig or alcohol addictions generally tend to have emotional instability, duue to
    the substance altering their brin chemistry.

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